Repel RF 800It is effective against all types of mice and insects.

The mouse insect bat repair device is an industrial device that makes a difference compared to similar products with its unique and durable metal case design, electric and battery operated and timed operation. Continuous variable frequency generating technology, which never makes itself immune to the latest version production, has proven success on mouse bugs and scars.

The device will disturb the mouses and pests in the 800 m2 area. Sonic (sound you can hear) Ultrasonic (sound you can not hear) emit sound waves that constantly change and scan different frequencies, which is extremely effective on mice and pests and does not immunize.

Domain : 800 m2

How does it work?

We recommend that you use the appliance electrically, so if you do not have electricity in the area you are using, you can always use the time setting function to make the battery more efficient and long lasting.

When using electricity, first plug the adapter jack in the product into the 12V DC input and plug in the standard 220V-240V prize. We put the On / Off switch on the back of the product to the On position and set the target host on the top left of the unit to the target we want to fire, We use it to adjust.

If you want to use the device with the battery, After opening the cover and placing 4 AA pens, we close the lid again and we set the time with the Timer button on the back of the device, which is important for efficient use of the batteries.

Where is it used?

Because the device is an industrial design, it is mostly used for warehouse, silo, warehouse, production areas, manufacturing, fabrics, archive rooms, roof areas, heating and boiler rooms all idle areas not used at home and work place, garbage processing facilities and so on. You can use it safely in the area.

Technicial Specifications

  • Technology: Ultrasonic- Sonic Sound System
  • Domain: 800 m²
  • Immunity: Frequency versus immunity is browsing.
  • Quality: It does not contain poison or medicine.
  • Working Position: It can work 24 hours.
  • Side effect: The target does not harm any creatures except live
  • Frequency Range: 22-65 KHz
  • Emission Angle: 260º
  • Product Shelf: ABS Plastic
  • Lifetime: 10 years and over
  • Warranty Time: 3 years

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