Mosquito Discharge

It does not contain any chemical drugs, poisons, sprays, tablets, lotions. There is no effect on human health. The target does not harm any creatures except live. Frequency versus immunity is browsing. It does not contain chemical drugs or poisons. There is no harm to any creatures other than the target.

Repel products, my pets and human health are in no way harmful. Spreads sonic and ultrasonic sound waves only and does not contain unwanted creatures in the environment.

Disease Rates

  • Malaria
  • Mosquito net
  • Other

Although mosquito bites are now considered a simple element, they can lead to very different problems. Especially in summer areas, it is something that you should pay attention to.

Diseases that can be infected with mosquitoes

Female mosquitoes need blood to be able to breed and maintain the lineage. The mosquito that sucks blood from humans and animals takes the blood-sucking microbes into the body, then carries the biting organism and infects the disease. In other words, mosquitoes play a role in infecting some diseases as well as itching people

  • The mosquito disease, which is widespread in our country, is actively carried to different people.
  • In skin diseases, mosquitoes also play an active role as carriers
  • In diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid fever, influenza, mosquito bites also play a big role.

Mosquito Discharge

  • Repel RF 110 – SIt is effective on ivy flies.

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