Cat Dog Animal Disarming

The operation of these devices has been developed with the goal of delivering the most effective solution with the latest technology. With ultrasonic sound, we can make the animals that we do not want to move away from our living space by spreading sounds that are uncomfortable with animals but not being heard by the human ear, and we do this without any bother, without any chemical need.

Repel products, my pets and human health are in no way harmful. Spreads sonic and ultrasonic sound waves only and does not contain unwanted creatures in the environment.

Unemployment Rates

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Other

According to world statistics, cat and dogs are much more deprived than other animals. There are some benefits and harms to keeping our lives with cats and dogs in our country.

Diseases that can be transmitted by cat / dog

Keds and dogs are undoubtedly our best friends in the world. But they need attention and care like every living thing. Any dog / cat that is irrelevant can not see it and can naturally become aggressive. The result of this aggression can be the narrator of many illnesses.

  • It can be a narrator of a contagious and very dangerous disease such as rabies by scratching or bite.
  • Salmonella disease spreads bacteria around for 20-40 days and these bacteria directly affect children.
  • CSD is infecting people with cat scratching. It is a disease that can cause great deaths by disturbing the central nervous system.
  • You may experience Tularemia as a result of not carrying out external parasite vaccinations of cats or dogs.

Cat - Dog Animal Disarming

Each device is 3000 m² unaffected area. This area can be expanded to 6000m² by including 2 spare speakers in the system.

  • Repel Pro PC 2000 – Cat, Dog, Bird and other animals.
  • Repel Solar Energetic Animal Disarming – Effect on Cat and Dog.

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