Bird Scavenging Systems

The birds are irritating the environment, making the environment smoother and more sustainable. According to their location, these birds can have predatory and rather wild nature. We are often confronted with disruption in order to find food in a garden setting.

Repel products, my pets and human health are in no way harmful. Spreads sonic and ultrasonic sound waves only and does not contain unwanted creatures in the environment.

Places where birds can stay

  • Factory Vacancies
  • Window Edges
  • Other

Birds usually prefer to choose large, spacious spaces where they can lay eggs and move in bulk. Therefore, factories, fields, land, etc. Places are among the ideal places for birds.

Diseases that can be infected with birds

Because all of the bird species have a lot of psychology, they will want to include the same midwifery bird groups. This can often cause discomfort to people living in the environment or to existing objects.

  • Every animal’s filth is diseased and this bird is included in birds.
  • Birds that produce waste through frequent feces can harm your environment in this way.
  • Especially in the winter months, birds in search of food can go to search for food with the help of beaks, and different spots can be caught.
  • Birds are one of the elements that are directly harmful to the human health of feathers.

Bird Scavenging Systems

Ultrasonic bird repellents send vibrations and sounds that do not affect the human ear, but are very disturbing for birds. This allows the bird to move away from the environment without causing any harm. The campus and its surroundings are protected from harm.

  • Repel EB 1500 – It is effective against all bird species.
  • Repel Pro PC 2000 – It is effective against all bird species.  
  • Repel Pro EB 5000 – It is effective against all bird species.
  • Repel Pro EB 8000 – It is effective against all bird species.

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