REPEL, founded in 2013; Ultrasonic and sonic sounds. All of our devices are precautionary. We propose different series handling devices according to your questions. You can review our repellent devices on our site for mouse, bird, cat, dog and insect species.

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Why us ?

  • We provide after-sales support for every product we produce.
  • Without distinction of the size of our progeny, we work on time and deliver our products on time.
  • We offer you the right solution for always taking our business a step further.
  • Every product we produce is tested and delivered by us.
  • The products we produce are; There is no harm to human and animal health.

What do we do?

  • Dispensing devices specific to mouse and mouse species
  • Bird-repelling systems (including raptor species)
  • Special handling devices for pests and species
  • Ultrasonic sound generating devices for flies, mosquitoes and the like
  • Ultrasound and ultrasonic signal generating devices for dogs, cats and dogs

Our Certificates

You can view the Repel trademark and the required permits and certifications that we can manufacture these devices belonging to my firm.
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Your problems with products, your specific solutions, views & You can contact us for suggestions and other issues.

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